East Highway

We provide solutions in the field of liquid cargo transportation from China.


The long experience of our specialists allows us to provide quality and competitive solutions.

We deliver your cargo from door to door in China to Russia.

We have tremendous experience with dangerous goods.

In the management of its own fleet and rolling stock.

We work with most hazard classes.

We provide equipment for the technical route.

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Own logistics route

A proven route allows us to control transportation at each stage and reduce time and money costs.

Working with hazardous and complex loads

We work with many hazard classes as well as isocyanates and loads that require heating.

Service in China

We provide full service related to the transportation of dangerous goods: issuance of equipment, pick-up from the factory under EXW terms, forwarding to the port.

Delivery of equipment

We provide tank-containers and dry containers for the technical route.

Multimodal transportation

We use sea, rail and road transport, this allows us to accelerate the process of cargo delivery and optimize the cost of transportation.

Door-to-door delivery

Round-the-clock control of cargo transportation at every stage, from loading and clearance to unloading the container at the warehouse or production facility.


Logistic route

The shipment takes place in Lianyungang [CNLYG], an equipped port that specializes in handling dangerous goods and is one of the 10 largest ports in China and 50 in the world. After loading, the ship departs for the Nakhodka Sea Fishing Port (NSRP) in the city of Nakhodka, 185 km from Vladivostok. The cargo is then shipped by rail and road throughout Russia.

Regular trips are every three weeks.

What kind of cargoes we can transport

Our fleet and ports have all hazard classes open except 1 and 7. All other hazard classes, including subclasses, are available for transport.
• class 2 - Flammable, oxidizing and inert gases as well as toxic and corrosive gases. We accept for transportation, including compressed refrigerated gases (cryogenic gases).
• class 3 - Flammable liquids.
• class 4 - 4.1 Flammable solids, self-reactive and polymerizable substances. 4.2 Pyrophoric - substances capable of self-ignition. 4.3 Substances which give off flammable gases in contact with water.
• class 5 - Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides.
• class 6 - Toxic and infectious substances.
• class 8 - Corrosive substances.
• class 9 - Environmental pollutants and other hazardous substances.

Each container is stored and transported according to the requirements of the respective hazard classes.

What containers we use

For transportation of hazardous chemicals we use a fleet of 20-foot tank containers T11 and T14. These classes of containers meet the requirements for transportation of a wide range of liquid chemicals, including alkalis, acids, petroleum products, household chemicals, isocyanates and so on. The volume of the containers ranges from 11,000 to 26,000 liters. Dimensions: Length 6,058 mm / Width 2,438 mm / Height 2,591 mm.

All containers have an extended jacket for heating the cargo, either by steam, hot water or glycol.


The agreed shipping rate does not change regardless of intermediate costs.
When providing a door-to-door service, we assume the intermediate costs. When shipping in dry containers upon arrival in Russia, we coordinate the sketch for the railroad, as well as the securing of the cargo inside the container. We provide customs clearance services on request.


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